Phitsanulok Waterfalls


Namtok Poi and Khao Krayang Forest Plantation

To get to this waterfall, take Highway No. 12 until reaching markers at Kms. 59 60, turn right and proceed for another 2 kilometers. The surrounding area is suitable for recreation and relaxation activities. The Forest Industry Organisationís forest plantation houses a beautiful waterfall that allows visitors to enjoy nature. Nature trails and accommodation are available.

Namtok Kaeng Sopha

This waterfall, Phitsanulok's largest, is located 2 kilometers off of Km. 70 marker along Highway No. 12. It is possible to walk around and explore the rocky surroundings especially during the dry season. This 2-tiered waterfall cascades down the steep cliffs to the rocks below providing a different ambience for every season.

Namtok Kaeng Song

Located at Km. 45 along the Highway, the waterfall, which is slightly bigger than Namtok Wang Nok An, is set against a mountainous backdrop.

Whitewater rafting

An exciting activity, visitors are provided with a truly unique experience while whitewater rafting especially with the refreshing natural scenery along Maenam Kek in Wang Thong District. The entire trip takes only 2.5 hours to complete. The best time to go downstream is between June and October. Reservations can be made at your hotel or at any resorts located along Highway No. 12 .