Wiang Lo

Phayao Province

Wiang Lo Wildlife Sanctuary

Wiang Lo Wildlife Sanctuary is located 5 kilometres from Chun District along the Highway 1021 and 60 kilometres from Mueang Phayao, covering an area of 231,875 rai in Chun District, Dok Khamtai District, Pong District and Chiang Kham District. It is an original source of 2 significant rivers; namely, the Yom and the Ing Rivers. It is full of deciduous dipterocarp forest, mixed deciduous forest, and hill evergreen forest. On both big and small mountain ranges, there are various kinds of wildlife such as Southern serows, brow-antlered deer, green peafowls, Asiatic black bears, Sambar deer, etc. Moreover, it is a habitat of migratory birds in winter during December – May. Major tourism activities are camping, cruising, trekking, and cliff climbing. For further information, please contact the Wiang Lo Wildlife Sanctuary at P.O. Box 6, Chun District, Phayao 56150, Tel./Fax. 0 5442 1557.

Wiang Lo Ancient Town

Wiang Lo Ancient Town is in Lo Sub-district, 17 kilometres from Chun District along Highway 1021. At Ban Huai Ngio, there is a 12-kilometre dirt road to Ban Nam Chun. Wiang Lo is a large ancient town aged around 500-600 years in accordance with a stone inscription and sandstone Buddha images excavated within Wiang Lo. Moreover, inside the moat and city wall, there have been discoveries of approximately 10 ancient sites, as well as, 40 ones outside the city moat. The important ones are various abandoned temples. One of the ancient Phrathats and temples is Wat Si Ping Mueang near Wiang Lo where the Chun River flows into the Ing River. This location is; therefore, called “Sop Ing”.