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    Route around Phitsanulok North and East

    Hi All,

    This year Juli I will be visiting Thailand for the sixth time. The first three times alone, once with the mrs and once with wife and kids (in 2008). We've seen a lot of the sights, so now we're looking to Eastern Thailand. I've been to the Isaan once (Tha Rae near Nakhom Phanom) and two years ago we went swimming with the dolphins, so we spent a couple of nights in Laem Sing.

    In one of the other fora I've gotten answers on Isaan. I guess 10 days to 2 weeks would suffice for Isaan, so we still have time for another two weeks. Its seems Phitsanulok would be a town where we will end up some time.

    We've been in Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai and Sukothai before (but willing to revisit) .

    Suggestions for a (more unusual) route around the North would be highly appreciated.


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    Not where I want to be
    We did a similar road trip late last year:
    Here's the route we we took:
    BKK > Korat
    Korat > Surin (visit Phimai and then down to Phanom Rung Historical parks)
    Surin . Ubon Rachathani
    UR > Yasothorn > Khon Kaen > Nong Kai (over to Laos)
    Nong Khai > Petchabun (routes 201, 211** and 203 - senic)
    Petchabun > Pitsanalok (route 12**)
    ** if car sickness is not a problem - steep and windy roads

    If you can get a hold of a Roadway map and pick out the Unseen Thailand tourist sites you will find some really interesting stuff.

    Roads were all OK - better off in a big sedan than a Fortuner in my opinion
    BE CAREFUL of local traffic specially in small towns with no frontage roads - they will u turn or pull out without looking.

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    If you're going up through isaan, continue north to "Phu Chi Fa" a couple of hours from Chiang Rai. Massive cliff top overlooking Laos. Lots of varied places to stay in the village below the peak. Best tip; stop at a good market on the way and pick up some stuff for a barbecue, most places will provide you with a clay pot barbie on your veranda looking out to huge mountain range. Mountains around Chiang Rai ,Chiang Mai cannot compare to the views you will get touring around this area. oh and bring a coat for night time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Ron
    If you're going up through isaan, continue north to "Phu Chi Fa" a couple of hours from Chiang Rai.
    I agree that Phu Chi Fah is worth a visit but it is a long way from Isaan.
    You will struggle to do it in one day unless you like driving long hours

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