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    Nan - Sao Din Na Noi or Hom Chom and Khok Suea

    Sao Din Na Noi or Hom Chom and Khok Suea

    Nan Province

    Sao Din Na Noi or Hom Chom and Khok Suea is located in Chiang Khong sub-district, 60 kilometres from Mueang Nan. From Na Noi district, there is a crossroad. Go along Highway No. 1083 for approximately 6 kilometres. It is a soil formation into strange shapes, similar to the “Phae Mueang Phi” of Phrae Province. From geological evidence, it appears that Sao Din Na Noi occurred from the movement of the earth’s crust during the late Tertiary Period and the natural erosion of water and wind. Geologists assume that it might be aged during 10,000 – 30,000 years and was once the bottom of the sea. There have been discoveries of stone bangles and ancient axes at this place, which are currently preserved at the Nan National Museum. It reflects that this area was once a habitation place of human beings in the Palaeolithic Age.

    However, there are other interesting attractions. For example, Kaeng Luang is 35 kilometres from Na Noi district. The entrance route to Kaeng Luang is very difficult to travel because there are natural islets and cataracts caused by the stream of the Nan River, flowing pass the rocks scattered in the river. During the season of a rushing torrent, there are echoes of water smashing against the rocks, while during the dry season, rocks and white sandy beaches along the Nan River can be seen. Swimming can be done during the dry season in April only because during the rainy season, the stream will be vigorous and dangerous. Pha Hua Singand Doi Samoe Dao is situated at Km. 16, the Na Noi – Pang Hai route. It is a viewpoint spot on the summit of the high cliff from which the 360 of scenery can be admired. At the spot, a wide terrace suitable for relaxation, star observation and sunset viewing, is located. Visitors who would like to go to Pha Sing (meaning a cliff with a strange shape similar to the head of a lion) will have to contact an official from the National Park. The total distance is 2 kilometres. Along the way, the Chan Pha Tree - Dracaena loureiri Gagnep., the unique tree will be seen. Moreover, when the sky is clear, Na Noi and Wieng Sa districts, as well as, the Nan River can be viewed from the cliff.

    Accommodation and Facilities: There are bungalows and tents for rent. However, visitors have to prepare their own food. For further information, please contact the Si Nan National Park, P.O. Box 14, Si Sa Ket sub-district, Na Noi district, Nan 55150, Tel. 0 5470 1106, 08 1224 0800 or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Flora, Tel. 0 2562 0760 or

    To get there: Si Nan National Park is 20 kilometres from Na Noi district. Proceed along Highway No. 1083, the Na Noi – Pang Hai route. Along the way, there is a viewpoint spot where the scenery of the mountain ranges within the National Park and the curving Nan River can be clearly seen. The Nan River flows through the National Park to Pak Nai district. The forests in the park are mostly mixed deciduous ones. Therefore, during February, there is usually a beautiful change of the colours of the shedding forests. Otherwise, travel by bus along the Bangkok – Nan route to Wiang Sa district and continue with the Wiang Sa – Na Noi – Na Muen Bus to the Ban Mai T-junction and rent a Song Thaeo further to the National Park.

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    Nanoi - Earth Pillars - Sao Din

    Dirty Dog:
    I just joined the Teak Door forum, and I was really pleasantly surprised to find your post about Nanoi and the nearby Earth Pillars (Sao Din). I didn't think anyone would know where Nanoi is located, since it is rather remote and out-of-the-way and very few tourists or farangs visit there!
    I was born in Nanoi, but now live in Missouri, USA, but my husband and I frequently visit my former home and relatives in Nan and the surrounding areas.
    Thanks for the memories.

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