Nam Wa Rafting

Nan Province

This exciting activity waits for tourists who like to shoot many rapids. Rafting can be accompanied by elephant riding. The suitable time for rafting is from September to February. Visitors can contact travel agencies in the town.

The routes of rafting are as follows:
White-water Rafting along the Middle Part of the Wa River The rapids are of level 3 to 5 difficulty with a length of 100 kilometres. It takes 3 days and 2 nights passing the Doi Phu Kha National Park and the Mae Charim National Park.

White-water Rafting along the Lower Part of the Wa River It was originally a transporting route for teakwood, which was illegally cut from the forest in Mae Charim and Wiang Sa districts. The Wa River runs through the valleys. On both sides are high undulating mountains, and more than 22 rapids. The level of difficulty is at level 3 - 5 (level 3 is medium, level 4 is difficult, and level 5 is very difficult). The biggest and the most difficult one is Kaeng Luang. Some parts of the stream are sandy beach where a raft can be stopped, and it is suitable for swimming. Some parts are the location of elephant camps where visitors can take an elephant to Ban Hat Rai. The period when the tide is the highest is during August, while the lowest one is in April. The most suitable time for white-water rafting is from November to January.

There are 2 routes for rafting along the Wa River as follows:
- Sailing route by inflatable rubber dinghy: It starts from Ban Nam Pu, Nam Phang sub-district, Mae Charim district, and ends at Ban Hat Rai, San Na Nong sub-district, Wiang Sa district, being a total distance of 19.2 kilometres or takes 4 hours. However, if visitors start in front of the Office of the National Park , the total distance will be only 15 kilometres.

- Bamboo rafting route: It starts from Ban Nam Wa up to Ban Nam Pu for a distance of 4 kilometres or takes approximately 4 hours.

Contact the Nan Pang Chang Company, Tel. 0 5478 1316, the River Raft Company, Tel. 0 5471 0940, 08 9835 1506, and the Inter Tour, Tel. 0 5471 0195 for information of the Wa River Tour and elephant riding.