Ban Huai Kon Kao Battlefield Memorial

Ban Huai Kon Kao Battlefield Memorial was originally an operational base of the Third Infantry Battalion. The condition within the compound has remained as in previous times, so that the younger generation would have a chance to study it. There are trenches, minefields, an arsenal, and spots where Thai soldiers passed away.

In the similar area stands the Battle Base of the Braves which is an old military base located at Ban Huai Kon, Huai Kon sub-district. It was a battlefield in the past. On 9 April, 1975, the Communist Insurgents (Pho Ko Kho) attacked 69 soldiers under the supervision of the 21st Infantry Battalion, the King’s Guard, who conducted their operation at this base, causing 17 deaths, while a large number of attackers were injured and died. The soldiers successfully protected this operational base. At present, the base has been renovated and become a tourist attraction and a significant historical memorial on the fight of different administrative ideologies.