Ban Pak Nai Fisherman Village

Nan Province

Pak Nai was originally a village by the Nan River. After the construction of the Sirikit Dam, the village became a part of the water reservoir above the dam with characteristics similar to a large lake surrounded by green mountain ranges.

The locals of Pak Nai village are fishermen. There are also restaurants on rafts providing fish from the dam to be tasted such as Pla Kot - catfish, Pla Bu - gobies, Pla Khang – Giant Catfish, Pla Raet - giant gourami, Pla Thapthim - Thai Red Tilapia, etc.

Some rafts also provide accommodation for tourists.

From Ban Pak Nai, visitors can rent a boat to travel along the Nan River to the Sirikit Dam and admire the scenery of beautiful mountainous forests, islets, and fisherman’s raft houses.

Out of the rainy season, there will be a pulled-raft service to Wat Pak Nai, where visitors can enjoy their meal on board.
The trip takes approximately 2 hours. Moreover, there is a ferry service to Nam Pat District, Uttaradit province.

To get there: The village is in Na Thanung sub-district, 96 kilometres from the centre of the province. Take the Nan – Wiang Sa – Na Noi route. From Na Noi district, there is a crossroad to Na Muen district for 20 kilometres. Then, turn left into Highway No. 1339. It is an asphalt curving road along the shoulder of the mountain. Continue for approximately 25 kilometres to Ban Pak Nai.