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    Lampang : Panning for gold


    Tourism boost seen in panning for gold

    LAMPANG: Local authorities see a golden tourism opportunity in the Wang River and are organising Thailand's first gold panning festival to tie in with the traditional seasonal activity in April.

    Villagers in Lampang’s Wang Nua district pan for gold in the Wang River to boost their incomes during the dry season. Local authorities plan to hold the country’s first gold panning festival in April here to attract tourists.

    Wang Nua district chief Songsak Ditsathan said residents have panned for gold in the Wang River during the dry season for generations.

    It generates extra income for them after the rice farming season ends.

    District and local administrative organisations have agreed to hold the gold panning festival during Songkran.

    Mr Songsak expects the event to attract tourists to Wang Nua, the northernmost district of Lampang, and to generate enough income for residents so that they will not have to work in other areas during the dry season.

    Each household earns an average of 9,000 baht from gold panning in the dry season.

    Mr Songsak said the district did not have enough gold deposits to support large mining operations.

    Resident Somsri Chantama said she had panned for gold deposits since her childhood.

    Many farming families pan for gold when the river's water level recedes.

    Gold nuggets or gold dust can be found in layers of soil deposited by the river. Gold panning could be done for only a few months of the year, she said.

    "I have panned for gold for 14 days so far this month and sold it to a shop for 9,000 baht," said Mrs Somsri.

    Most residents welcome the gold panning festival plans.

    Somboon Kositanon, director of Lampang's Mineral Resources Office Region 1, said gold deposits have been found in three districts in Lampang - Thoen, Mae Phrik and Wang Nua.

    Gold deposits can be found at more than 40 sites in the six northern provinces of Chiang Rai, Lampang, Phrae, Phichit, Phetchabun and Sukhothai.

    Mr Somboon said gold panning in Wang Nua is allowed as long as residents stay in public areas. But those caught encroaching on forest areas to dig for gold would be punished.
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    Lots of gals doing that in Nana.....

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    chiang mai
    Wang Nua is on Highway 120 between Mae Kachan and Phayao. The river is but a trickle in the dry season.

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    Wonder where the gold is coming from.

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    Worth having a look at this video of a aussie gold minning co in central Thailand.

    Kingsgate's Chatree Mine in Thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Begbie
    Wonder where the gold is coming from.
    Exploding stars.

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