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Kamphaeng Phet

Room rates from 250baht per night.

Local tourist attractions

Kalothai Temple

Located on the East of Kampaeng Phet city wall. This ruin temple just left Viharn and main Chedi in Lotus bud style. It assumed to be built in the same period as Nakorn Chum city (Sukhothai period).

Sum Kor Temple

Located outside of the Nakorn Chum city as the forestry area of Nakorn Chum old city. This ruin temple just left the main chedi in circular shape or bell shape and the upper part was destroyed. This temple is one temple where found the famous amulets name Phra Sum Kor which popular among Thai amulet lovers.

Nakorn Chum area
Phra Kaew Temple

Located in the center of town and close to the former royal palace, this temple used to housed the Emerald Buddha image (the one which housed in Phra Kaew temple in BKK).From the Northern chronicle, described about this temple used to housed "Phra Buddha Sihing Buddha image". The important buildings include the main Chedi in Lankan style which the base decorated with 32 elephant sculptures. Another Chedi decorated on the base with 32 lion sculptures. Also there are the remains of Vihara where have 3 big Buddha images; one is the Reclining Buddha image and 2nd is a sitting Buddha image in Suduing Mara position. This vihara used to decorate with stucco depicted about Ramayana at the base, but it was destroyed. This temple assumed to be the royal temple from the size and location.

Phra Thaat Temple

This temple located close to Phra Keow temple. The principal building of this temple is rounded shape Chedi with octagonal bases. From the style of chedis and temple plan, it is assumed to be built in Ayutthaya period after Phra Keow temple. A part from chedis, there are viharn in front of the main chedi.

Nong Pikul Temple

The temple ruin is located outside Nakorn Chum old city. The temple just left a big Mandapa (a big square shape building to housed Buddha images) and a base of viharn with c shape pond as boundary. The style of Mandapa and pond is the same as Sukhothai style.

Nong Lanka Temple

This big ruin temple located outside Nakorn Chum old city. This area was forestry temple area of Nakorn Chum. The temple have a big bell shaped chedi with 4 niches at 4 directions and surrounded with small chedis.All chedis have a wall as boundary and 2 gate on the East and West. On the East of main area located Viharn faced to East. This temple have a surrounded pond as boundary which was a typical style of Sukhothai.

Thung Setthi Fortress

This fortress located outside the Kampaeng city in an area of Nakorn Chum old city. It was built in square shape made of laterite. It was assumed to be built in Mid-Ayutthaya

Chang Rob Temple

One famous temple in Kampaengpetch Historical Park. This temple have the principal chedi with elephant statues decorated at the base for 68 fully accessories elephants. This style developed from Sukhothai style. There are 4 stairways and gate at 4 directions of the base. Over the elephants base is the terrace where can walk around to pay homage to the relic in chedi. The chedi body’s round shape but it was destroyed. However, at the base of body decorated with stucco depicted about Buddha's life and Hamsa or swan around. This chedi with elephants surrounded is the biggest one in Sukhothai Kingdom. In front of the chedi, there’s viharn where just left the base.

Wat Phra Si Ariyabot

This temple located outside city in Forest temple area. It was built in Sukhothai period. The most attractive is the main building in square plan called Mondop, it's now ruins. Inside the Mondop housed Buddha images of 4 different gestures; walking, forgiving, reclining and overcoming the demons gestures faced to the East, West, North and South. Apart from Mondop, there are Ubosot, hall, well and restroom. All buildings was built from laterite and covered with plaster.
Address: In the area of Kampeangpecth Historical Park
Directions: For visiting, I think bicycle’s better than walking. The Historical Park’s out of town in the East. It's easy to find

Phra Non Temple

This temple located in the Forest temple area. Some interesting buildings are the viharn which used to house the Reclining Buddha image, now it just left the base. This viharn have big columns built from laterite. It’s the biggest and tallest column in Kampaeng Petch and Sukhothai. Apart from viharn, there are Ubosot, well, hall and at the back side of temple, located the round shape chedi with octagonal base.


This temple located in the Forest temple area. There are multi corners chedi as principal building and 2 big viharns in the same row. There are also other chedis on the base parallel with front viharn. Behind the temple area is the monk residence where found the base of monk residences and monk toilets. On the East side of temple, there’s a laterite pond called "Bor Samsaen" in square plan.

Chalerm Phra Keit Museum

This museum established for ceremony the King on 50th reign. The museum building was built in Central Thai traditional house style by teak wood. The exhibition separated to 3 parts: 1-The Kampaeng Phet city history, 2- Heritage of the land and 3- Ethnology & tribes in Kampaeng Phet. Apart from exhibition, you can enjoy a greenery landscape which full of tropical plants. The museum opens daily from 9.00-16.30hrs.
Phone: 055722341-2
Address: Pin Damri Rd.
Directions: Close to National Museum.

Kampaeng Phet National Museum

This museum exhibit the ancient and art objects which found in Kampaeng Phet area. The exhibition covered 2 floors,the displays are about Pre-historic time to present time in Kampaeng Phet through objects ,pictures and other evidences. The most significant object is bronze statue of Siva god which found in Sarn Phra Isavara inside Kampaeng Phet city wall. Other interesting stuffs are some bronze statue both in Hinduism and Buddhism,the fragments of terracotta and stucco and votive tablets.
Open : 9.00 AM - 4 PM /Wed - Sun
Admission fee : 30 Baht
Phone: 055-711570
Address: 174 Pin-Damri Rd., Muang District
Directions: Located between Kampaeng Phet Pithayakom School and Kampaeng Phet Commemorative Museum.

Nakorn Chum, the ancient city before Kampaeng Phet

Nakorn Chum ancient city located on West bank of Ping River opposite Kampaeng Phet city. The old city has a square shape with 3 moats as Sukhothai city. Nowadays, almost of moats was destroyed for residences, road and cultivation. At the center of city located Phra Borom Thaat temple where located the big Burmese style Chedi. This temple assumed to be built in King Maha Dhammaraja Lithia who reined Sukhothai. He came to this site and built the chedi which was Lotus Bud style. Later, in the reign of King Rama V, the Burmese wood merchant named Phya Taka came too reconstructed to new shape in Burmese style as we can see at present.