Tachilek vendors close up shops

Many traders on the border town of Tachilek in Myanmar have closed up shop amid fears that soldiers from the Myanmar army have begun to arrest owners who deal in illegal DVD and CD sales.
Many of the vendors in Tachilek are members of the Red Wa tribe and have been allowed under an agreement with the Myanmar government to sell their wares provided they do not carry or store weapons.
This past week reports surfaced that several vendors had been arrested by soldiers from the Myanmar government which prompted the closing of many shops, notorious for plying illegal goods, mostly from China.
Reports (that could not be verified by the Chiangmai Mail) state that members of the Red Wa army have been purchasing weaponry and stocking up on food provisions in preparation for future skirmishes with the Myanmar military.
The government of Myanmar had ordered the ethnic Red Wa members to volunteer as soldiers but this call has fallen on deaf ears. (CMM Reporters)

Chiang Mai Mail