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    The Loei and the Middle Mekong Loop

    Its no good dwelling on the thoughts of the burglary last night so have started to plan a drive for when I am over in Feb.

    I was going to do this drive last time over, but got distracted . The route will be roughly Loei - Chang Khan - Nong Khai - Udon Thani - Khon Kaen - Pitsanulok - Loei. This is taken from Budget web site

    Going to make it a leisurely drive over 3 or 4 days, taking in places of interest and slight detours.

    So if anyone can recommend places to visit along the route please let me know. Hopefully many pictures will be taken and posted on the Travellers Tales in due course.

    On another note any members passing on the Kong Kaen to Loei road during Feb, who might fancy a meet, a drink and a chat with this old bugger, give me a PM. Or maybe a mini meeting could be arranged in KK or somewhere else?

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    Those guides look pretty good.

    North of Thailand
    Chiang Mai - Golden Triangle Loop
    Chiang Mai - Sukhothai Loop

    Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son Loop
    North East of Thailand

    Loei and The Middle Mekong Loop
    South East of Thailand

    Pattaya and The Eastern Gulf Loop

    West of Thailand

    Hua Hin and Kanchanaburi Loop
    South of Thailand

    Phuket, Samui, and Krabi Loop

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