Roi Et Parks & Gardens

Roi Et Province

Bo Phan Khan Rattanasophon

The park which was set up to commemorate the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne is situated inside Wat Bo Phan Khan Rattanasophon.
It is also where the beautiful image of Phra Phuttha Sahatsakhantha Mahamuninat is located.
To get there: Take the Roi Et - Phanom Phrai route from King Amphoe Nong Hi to Tambon Den Rat. It is approximately 85 km. from Roi Et.

Bueng Phlan Chai

The picturesque lake on the area of 200,000 sq.m. in the central city is a symbol of Roi Et.
It is blessed with a relaxing atmosphere, with an island decorated with a large flower garden.
The pond also has various types of fish.
Bueng Phalan Chai is also used as a venue for various events of the province.
Inside is situated the city pillar shrine, the sacred shrine that is highly revered by the people of Roi Et.
There is also a large walking Buddha image located amidst the flower garden, a Constitution atop a Footed Tray, flower clock, Phu Phalan Chai (an artificial waterfall), animal sculptures, playground and exercise areas.

Northeastern Botany in Literature Park

This is in Tambon Pha Nam Yoi, 85 kilometres from Yasothon. Plants here are from Thai literature like Phra Wetsandon and Lilit Phra Lo. There are also herbs categorised according to their medicinal value.

Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Park Roi Et

It is a public park in the heart of the city, located in front of the city hall. The park was founded in 1986 on an area of 225 rai.
It is decorated with a variety of flowers and shady trees.
The highlight is the fountain in the middle of the park and a clock tower.
There is also a public library.
The park is used as a venue for various cultural occasions and events of the province.

Pha Nam Yoi or Isaan Buddhist Park

The large stone cliff is situated at Ban Khok Klang, Tambon Pha Nam Yoi.
It borders Nong Sung district of Mukdahan province and Kuchi Narai district of Kalasin province.

The total area is about 20,000 rai.
It covers a forest with wide varieties of hardwood trees and is home to various kinds of wild animals such as boar, barking deer, deer, red junglefowl, etc.
Pha Nam Yoi rises 200 metres from the ground level, and 380-500 metres above sea level.
On the hill is situated Wat Pha Namthip Thep Prasit Wanaram, which covers an area of 2,500 rai.
The temple was built by Phra Achan Si Maha Wiro, a follower of Phra Achan Man Phurithat.
The temple houses Phra Mahachedi Chai Mongkhon, one of Thailand’s largest chedis that was designed by the Fine Arts Department.
The white chedi is embellished with golden motifs, and surrounded by smaller chedis at the eight directions.
The large chedi is 101 metres wide, 101 metres long, and 101 metres high situated on a piece of land with an area of 101 rai.
It houses the relics of the Lord Buddha and is beautifully decorated with a mixture of an ancient and contemporary-style of art.
This Phra Mahachedi Chai Mongkhon is situated in the compound of Wat Pha Namthip Thep Prasit Wanaram.

This Literature Botanical Garden

It is the regional literature botanical garden of the Northeast situated in Dong Ma-i National Forest Reserve, Tambon Pha Nam Yoi, about 86 km. from the city.
It covers a total area of about 1,000 rai, featuring plants mentioned in Thai literature such as the Vessantara Jataka, Khun Chang - Khun Phaen, Lilit Phra Lo, Lilit Taleng Phai, Buddha’s history, etc.
There is also an herb garden.
The entire garden has a lively atmosphere.