Mukdahan Wats - Temples

Mukdahan Province

Wat Si Mongkhon Tai

Wat Si Mongkhon Tai is near the immigration checkpoint. The temple houses an important Buddha image of the province, Phra Chao Ong Luang, an image built before the citys founding. This brick image is 2.2 metres wide and 2 metres high. According to legend, the first lord of Mukdahan discovered it while he was overseeing the citys construction. In addition, another image made of steel was found under a Bodi tree with only its top part protruding from the ground.

Wat Phu Dan Tae

Wat Phu Dan Tae, or Wat Phutto Thammatharo, is on Highway No. 212 at the 134-km marker at Ban Chai Mongkhon, Tambon Chok Chai, about 15 kilometres from town. The temple is on a rock plateau and houses a large standing Buddha image with a halo on top. The image is clearly visible from a distance.

Wat Ban Song Khon

Wat Ban Song Khon church is the largest and most beautiful Catholic church in southeast Asia. Situated on the Mekong bank 6 kilometres from Wan Yai, or 25 kilometres from Mukdahan, the church was built to honor 7 Christians who sacrificed their lives to protect the religion. The wax figures of the 7 martyrs with their ashes inside are on display in the rear of the church.

Wat Mano Phirom

Wat Mano Phirom is at Tambon Chanot. This old temple was built by Vientiane architects. A fire caused extensive damage to the temple in 1904, but it was fully renovated in 1911. The temple has buildings of interest such as the chapel and convocation hall, as well as Buddha images and a stairway, all reflecting beautiful local art.

Chao Mae Song Nang Phi Nong Shrine

Chao Mae Song Nang Phi Nong Shrine is on Samran Chai Khong Road, next to Mukdahan immigration checkpoint. No records exist of its origin but it is regarded to be as sacred as the Mung Muang Shrine. The locals hold a celebration to pay homage to both shrines in May every year.

Chao Pho Chao Fa Mung Mueang Shrine

Chao Pho Chao Fa Mung Mueang shrine is on Song Nang Sathit Road. It is here that the city shrine is located. It is believed that the shrine was built at the same time as the founding of the city. The people of Mukdahan regard the shrine as a sacred place that preserves the city's happiness.

Klong Mahorathuk

Mahorathuk drum is kept at Wat Matchimawat (Wat Klang), not far from Don Tan District Office. This ancient artifact is over 3,000 years old. It is a single-sided bronze drum with a diametre of 86 centimetres and a length of 90 metres. The drum face has a sunrise design and the drum case has drawings of 4 frogs. The Kha and ancient Khmer people loved to collect drums. This drum was discovered in 1938 on the Mekong bank at Ban Na Tham in Laos.