Ban Khok Sanga king cobras village

Khon Kaen Province

King Cobras Village Ban Khok Sa-nga in Tambon Sai Mun is famous for its strange pets, king cobra, kept at every house.

The villagers formally earned extra income by selling herbal medicines by travelling around through viillages.

By 1951, a local doctor, Ken Yongla initiated a cobra show, which was successful to attract clients to the village.

Anyway, a cobra show was too dangerous as the snake can spit its poison for two metres making a man blind.

So he changed to conduct the show with a king cobra and inherited such skill to the villagers.

Today, after the harvest season, with better transportation, villagers of Khok Sa-nga always travel around to organise a snake show and offer their herbal medicine.

In the village, a snake show is held at Wat Si Thamma, performing different series of show such as snake dancing and boxing between king cobra and man.

Exhibitions regarding the king cobra as well as nursery are located nearby.

How to get there: Ban Khok Sa-nga is 49 kilometres from downtown Khon Kaen. Visitors can go via Highway 2 and make a right turn at kilometre 33 to Highway 2039. At kilometre 14, opposite Phang Thui police box, turn right onto a soil road. Then keep going through Ban Na Ngam and make a left turn at the intersection, continue for another 600 metres.