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    Wangnamkeaw Flora Fantasia

    Wangnamkeaw Flora Fantasia: Ultra Vivid Scene
    Nida Tunsuttiwong
    10 January 2011

    Located in a mountainous area of Nakhon Ratchasima province (‘Khorat’), Wangnamkeaw district is a popular winter getaway destination among city folk that has become an even more colorful attraction this year thanks to the organization of the Wangnamkeaw Flora Fantasia.

    Governmental and private organizations, led by the Thai Red Cross Society and the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand (HSST), joined hands to create a floral paradise this year within a valley that features impressive mountainous terrain. HSST was also involved in the organization of the International Horticultural Exposition in 2006, which was also known as Royal Flora Ratchaphruek.

    Wangnamkaew Flora Fantasia is being hosted on a 40-rai (6.4-hectare) site and features floral presentations that were produced by planting over one million seeds, according to the organizer. Once expenses have been deducted, any income generated by the exposition will be donated to the Thai Red Cross Society as a contribution towards the construction of a new building. Once completed, the building will serve as a blood donation center.

    A Gentle Introduction

    On entering the exposition, you’ll see several booths belonging to major sponsors, such as the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), Canon, PTT and Toyota. If you own a Canon camera, you can take it to the Canon booth and get a free print. Owners of other camera brands can also get prints produced here, but they must pay 20 baht (US$0.65) per photo, which is then collected as a form of contribution towards the Thai Red Cross Society.

    There are several other displays around this area, including an impressive floral presentation and some significant ornamental features, such as a sculpture of an angel, as well as some large, rattan-based sculptures.

    Carefully Crafted Compositions

    Further inside the exposition is a three-story building called View Point Tower (see photo, above, left). Set upon a slope, the tower provides some impressive views of the whole site and surrounding area.

    From the tower, I could see the Book of Happiness, an ornamental garden with a maze that features over 200,000 colorful shrubs and plants in pots. Towards the end of the maze, you’ll see two giant paintbrushes on display, suggesting they may have been used in some way in the production of this vivid, botanic display.

    Right next to the tower is the entrance to the maze and a 'Pumpkin Tunnel'. As you walk through the tunnel, you’ll see different varieties of gourd and pumpkin, while the tunnel itself has been nicely decorated through the clever use of ornamental cabbages.

    Once you step inside the Book of Happiness, you’ll be thrilled by the wonderfully vibrant walls, which are filled with colorful flowers. The majority of these plants are varieties of Petunia, Impatien and Coleus. While the maze is not terribly complex, do try and remember which directions you take as you make your way around. The easiest way to remember how to get out is to face the View Point Tower and head towards the left hand side. If you follow that route, you’ll find you’re way out, but if you do get stuck, don’t worry too much, as there are plenty of support staff stationed nearby to assist should you get confused or disorientated.

    Members of the public can experience the floral extravaganza at Wangnamkaew Flora Fantasia through February 28 – the exposition opens daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

    There is an entrance fee of 100 baht (about US$3.30) on weekdays and 200 baht on the weekend and during public holidays. If a child is smaller than 1 meter 45 in stature, they can enter the exposition at half the adult price. Tickets are available from counters and 7-Eleven Outlets nationwide.

    For further information, contact Tel: +66 (0)2 187 0295, or visit the organizer’s official website at

    Transport Connections:
    Car: From Bangkok, take Highway 2 (Mittraphap Road) to Nakhon Ratchasima province. Once you reach Pak Chong district you'll arrive to a large intersection with several flyovers. Keep left and take the flyover that'll lead you to Route 2090 (Thanarat Road). Once Thanarat Road joins Route 3052, bear left and keep straight ahead for about 60 kilometers. After you pass Lam Pra Pleng Reservoir, you’ll soon see Wangnamkeaw Flora Fantasia on your left.

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    I just a was few weeks ago at Wang Nam Keaw. Great place.

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