Nangrong Hotel

243 Praditpana Rd., Nangrong District Buri Ram 31110
Tel: 044-631-014


Welcome to Nangrong Hotel

Nangrong hotel is located in the center of Nangrong in Buriram Province. We warmly welcome you with nice comfortable rooms. Each guestroom is fully furnished by all convenient facilities with safety, in which you can stay with us pleasantly.Our hotel is near the night plaza and 7-11

Around Nangrong Hotel

Nangrong hotel is separated into 2 sections.
Hotel section
Resort section (Reun Nopphakao)
The guestrooms of both sections including VIP rooms, Air-conditioned rooms, and standard rooms provide adequate facilities ready for services.
There are single bed and twin bed (king size twin bed & standard twin bed) which consist of air conditioner, UBC cable TV, electric shower, refrigerator, intercom, mini bar etc.

How to go to Nangrong Hotel Buriram Province

By Car

From Bangkok, take highway no.1 (Phaholyothin Rd.) to Saraburi, turn right to highway no.2 (Mitraphap Rd.). Then, keep on the right to highway no. 24 (Chokchai-Dej-udom Rd.), go through Chokchai intersection, Amphur Nongki. Reaching Amphur Nangrong, turn right at the first traffic light and turn left at intersection where 7-11 shop is situated. Go straight for 100 meters to the hotel.

By Bus

There are air and non-airconditioned buses serving daily from Bangkok to Buriram. More details at Tel. 2936 1880, 0 2936 0657, 0 2936 0667 or You can get off at Nangrong Bus Terminal and take a motorcycle to the hotel.

By Train

The Royal States Railway of Thailand (RSR) provides routes Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani, Bangkok-Surin, and Nakorn Ratchasima-Ubon Ratchathani passing Buriram every trip. There are rapid trains, express trains, diesel railcars and ordinary cars. More details at Tel. 1690, 0 2223 7010 or - State Railway of Thailand Schedules . Get off at Lamblaimas or Buriram station, and take a bus to Nangrong Bus Terminal.

By Plane

Thai airways company provide Bangkok route to Buriram on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, departing Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi airport at 2.50 p.m. and arrive Buriram airport (Ampour Satuk) at 5.15 p.m. More details at Thai Airways Tel. 02800070, 02800080

Tourist Attractions

Prasat Hin Muang Tum

Prasa Meung Tum is situated in Baan Kohk Meungm, Chorakea maak subdistrict, Phrakohnchai district, Buriram. It was enrolled a historical site in the government gazette no. 52 chapter 75 by Fine Arts Department. Planning of Prasat Meung Tum is quite different from the other temples which have prangs (stupa) in the same number. They usually built the main Prang in the middle, and other 4 prangs were set at each 4 angles, such as Prasat Srikorphume in Surin province. Prasat Meung Tum has 5 prangs lined into 2 rows along the North-South line. The first row has 3 prangs, the middle one is bigger than the others.

Kuthi Ruesi Baan Kohk Meung
(hermit house)

King Chaivarman 7 was ordered in building of “Arokaya Sala” around his kingdom. They were built in a small laterite castle surrounded by a wall and they were usually called “Kuthi Ruesi” which was used as a religious place in infirmaries.

Wat Kao Angkahn

Wat Angkahn is located on Kao Angkahn, an extinct volcano. It takes 20 km. from Prasat hin Phanom Rung..there was a discovery of an ancient archeological site and many stone boundaries of temple (Sema) in Dvaravati era. Today, it is one of the most beautiful huge temples in Buriram. The monastery, pavilion, and other buildings imitate various ages architecture in different styles. And inside the monastery, there is also a mural illustrated Jataka tales in English.

Wat Khun Klong

You can visit the old church and buddhists monk It was the temple of Mahayan Buddhism settled on 1607 at the time of Ayuthaya. It is an old temple aged about 400 years.
Address : Tambon Nangrong , Ampur Nangrong