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Roi Et

Roi-Et is one of the tourism treasures of northeastern Thailand, located in the heart of Roi-Et 512 km. from Bangkok, only 12 km.
from the airport. Places of interest include Thung Kula Rong Hai, Bung Palan Chai plus many more picturesque locations.
Thai silk is also masterpiece home industry in Roi-Et.

The Roi-Et City Hotel is a beautiful 6 Storey hotel, conveniently located right in town of Roi-Et. All 167 guest rooms and suites are provided with every modern comfort and convenience. While décor reflects the traditional style of Thailand's northeastern.

Perfectly complementing the deluxe accommodation is the choice of fine dining. The Ruankaew restaurant offers an extensive Thai menu plus international favorites and lively karaoke entertainment. For relaxing with drinks and enjoying live musical at Music Garden.

The Roi-Et City Hotel is fully equipped to host meeting, seminar, banquet and party of all kinds by Capacity 20-1,000 pax.

Roi Et Tourist Attractions

Ku Kasing

The complex consists of three brick towers, aligned north to south, on the same extended laterite base. Adjoining it to the front on each side is a rectangular laterite building which is believed to be a library. This complex is set within a large laterite wall which has a Gopura, the entrance pavilion at each of the cardinal directions of the four pavilion entrances. Only the ones in the east and west are real doorways. The rest are blind. This laterite wall is protected by a horse shoe shaped moat, no trace of which is seen today.

Located at Ban Ku Kasing, Amphoe Kaset Wisai. Take Highway 215. Travel past Amphoe Muang Suang. Turn right at the T- junction. From there, it’s about 7 kilometres. Turn left. It is 13 kilometres to the site.

Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol (The Great, Victorious and Auspicious Pagoda)

The pagoda is a huge and intricate architecture of Esarn style. It is regarded as an attractive pagoda in Thailand. The fund used in the construction is over baht 3 billion (s 6,976,744.00) It is surrounded by a huge wall on which a man can walk, built to enclose the forest area of 7,000 square kilometers, covering three provinces; Roi Et, Kalasin , and Mukdaham, and giving rise to a natural open zoo where such wild animals inhabit as peasants, peacocks, deer , bulls, tigers, elephants, etc.

lt is designed by a team of architects of Department of Fine Arts. The body of the pagoda was painted in white and decorated with golden intricate local arts, surrounded by comparatively small pagodas in all eight directions. The pagoda is located on the plot of 101 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai) , 101 metres in width, 101 metres in length, 101 metres in height, and 109 metres in height with circular tapering finial. (The figure 101 is pronounced in Thai as / roi- et /. As for the figure 9, it is regarded as the most auspicious number as it means “progress”.) The circular tapering finial is made of gold weighing about 60 kilos. Inside the pagoda, it is decorated as if it were in the heaven. The pagoda consists of five storeys as follows:

1 st floor is the merit-making place. The wall is engraved with names of
devout donors.
2 nd floor also looks attractive. The Buddha’s stories are painted on the
wall with finest and intricate Thai arts.
3 rd floor houses life-size statues of highly respected and eminent
Buddhist monks, former scholars of having the northeastern origin,
together with 101 Buddhist monks of superb moral conducts.
4 th floor exhibits forest temples where the Most Venerable Luang Pooh Sri
(The Abbot of the temple) used to live in order to observe
insight meditation practice.
5 th floor is equipped with spiral staircases. Its hall is of octagon bell-shape
where the Buddha’s relic is embodied.

Take highway 2044 and 2136. It is about 80 kilometres from Roi-Et .

Bueng Phlan Chai

The picturesque lake on the area of 200,000 sq.m. in the central city is a
symbol of Roi Et. It is blessed with a relaxing atmosphere, with an island
decorated with a large flower garden. The pond also has various types of fish.
Bueng Phalan Chai is also used as a venue for various events of the province. Inside is situated the city pillar shrine, the sacred shrine that is highly revered by the people of Roi Et. There is also a large walking Buddha image located amidst the flower garden, a Constitution atop a Footed Tray, flower clock, Phu Phalan Chai (an artificial waterfall), animal sculptures, playground and exercise areas.

WatBuraphaphiram, Phra Buddha Ratana Mongkol Maha Muni

Standing in blessing posture, it is the tallest reinforced concrete Buddha
statue ever in Thailand.From Roi-Et National Museum, travel along Ploenjit Road.
Turn right at the second traffic light. The temple is about 500 metres away.

Pha Nam Yoi Forest Park

It is most complete green forest park whose natural conditions remain absolutely intact. From the peak of the hill. Visitors can perceive the solid shape of tropical trees with scenic views and a huge cliff. The forest covers an area of 20,000 rai (8,000 acres) On the cliff, unending drops of water from the cliff exists all year round. That is why it is called “Pha Nam Yoi”, literally, the cliff with unending drops of water. It is one of the most attractive tourist attractions to visit. Below the cliff is hardwood forest trees of various kinds. lt abounds in myriad of wildlife such as boars, pheasants, peacocks, deer, etc.

At the foot the hill, there is a Buddhist temple called Wat Pha Nam Thip ,literally
Temple of Magic Water where Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol is located uphill. Inside the temple, there is a very spacious pavilion with 40 metres in width and 80 metres in length. This spot is used as a viewpoint for the sunset. It is said that the sunset is full of spectrum of wonderful colors whose beauty is beyond our narration.

Also take Highway 2044 and 2136, the same route as that leading to Phra Maha Chai Mongkol Chedi. It is about 62 kilometres.