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    Loei - Phu Suan Sai National Park

    Na Haeo National Park


    General Information

    The park possesses the most pristine forest cover in Loei Province.
    A number river of catchment area important in this dry corner of Northeast Thailand, start here.
    It is also enriched by several local cultures of the people who live adjacent to the park boundary.
    The park was established on 2 April 1991 to honour the anniversary of the 36th burthday of Her Royal Highness Pricess Sirindhorn.
    The park's other attractive points are Tard Huong Fall, Phu Teen Suei Sai scenic spot, Rocky Entrance at Phu Teen Suei Sai spot, and Nam Pah Fall.


    It is a highland mountain, and very steep between 2%-50%. On the west is a very big forest as well as very steep also, however it is not on the east. It is 600-1,408 meters high above the sea level.


    It is cool a whole year because the forest is very well reserved. Besides, it is much cold in the winter.

    Flora and Fauna

    There are many plants and wild lives such as antelopes, deer, palm civet, boar, bear, tiger, hyenas, bison, flying squirrel, squirrel, as well as porcupines which villagers call it “Dtoa-Horn”.
    They are living in the hole but they don’t dig it by themselves as normal porcupines.
    There are also many kinds of birds such as hawk, warblers, barbet, black bird, wild fowl, magpie, and there is “Nok Kong Kod” which there are more than one spur and looks like peacock.
    There also are reptiles such as turtle, chameleon, ground lizards, skinks, monitors, snakes, daces, serpent-head fish, carps, eel, and scorpion fish.

    For more information, contact the park at 042 819340 or 02 561 4292-4, 02 561 2919, 21.

    To get there from the city, take Highway No, 203 passing Amphoe Dan Sai, turn right onto Highway No. 2113 at kilometer 82 marker and proceed for another 50 kilometers to the park’s office.
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