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    Turkey breasts where ?

    Hi everybody, I have a question for the people in Surin, Sisaket or Ubon. Where can I get turkeybreasts, I looked in Makro but they sell only the whole bird.
    Is there any chance to get just the breasts?

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    You have a few days left to order and they have bonelesds and bone in breasts that I usually have a couple in the freezer, butterball and NorBest USA.
    contact this lady and she has always given me good service with superior products.

    TUK Ms.Surada Chantarakhamphu
    Business Development Manager
    Siam Food Services Ltd.
    Direct line: 662 620 6062
    Fax line: 662 620 6001
    Mobile: 66 81 920 5106
    e-mail: tuk[at]

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