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    Talking Very Good Dentist in Nong Khai

    I recently had cause to visit the dentists in Nong Khai,Where I've lived for 14 years,There is a Brand new dentists,It's a Very Clean Practice run by Dr.Preecha & His Wife,it's on the right hand side of the road heading FROM the main set of traffic lights,towards the Railway Station,It's Sign is " A Big Tooth " and the sign over the shop is in Orange......Had 1 Extraction & Clean,Polish for total 750 Baht...

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    Udon Thani
    Thought I would give this thread a bump, as its spot on. Went the other day and the young man is efficient and very very reasonable.

    Quick service, clean (spotless) and organized. Lots of hi-so from Laos make up his main clientele.

    Also has an excellent reputation with local Thais.

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    im LO SO from Laos got a phone number for this dentist ?

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