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    A good dentist in Khon Kaen?

    Can anybody recommend a good dentist in Khon Kaen that can carry out urgent root canal surgery?

    I have a very painful back tooth and after visiting the dental surgery in Ban Phai today I was told by a very pleasant lady dentist that the tooth can be saved by this treatment but the specialist they have only visits on Sundays and the first available appointment is next week.

    I would prefer to keep the tooth as it is one of only 2 lower molars I have left and I do like to eat moo krop!

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was in KK a couple of weeks ago and my wife went to teh dentist at KK Ram Hospital - and we've taken the kids there before. The rooms were quite modern and they seemed to have most procedures available so I expect they could do a root canal. Cheap for us (coming from Aus) but probably expensive for Thais.

    I inquired about their laser teeth whitening and they could do it the next day, and they didn't seem too busy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukan Kizmiaz
    I was in KK a couple of weeks ago and my wife went to teh dentist at KK Ram Hospital
    I have been told this is the best place in Khon kaen, Bit late for me after I went to a new clinic to pull a wisdom tooth, The bitch cut my gum open and found bone over the tooth which she cut then cut my tooth into three pieces before tring to pull it out and then found my roots where hooked shape one hour and forety minutes it took and a lot of pain, never again

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    Good dentist in the Mall at Korat on 1st floor,if that is not too far away.Very pretty she is too.Takes your mind off things.

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    Try the Dental Clinic at Khonkaen University. (Behind Sri Nakharin Hospital)

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    A good dentist in Khon Kaen on Srichan Road opposite the main local KK hospital. Dr Nuanpan dental clinic number is 043-327-960 open 7-30am until 9pm.
    Very nice lady who is an excellent dentist also her husband is an English speaking doctor next door.

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    being on the left side<at junction>
    turn right at traffic light
    and it's less than 100 metres up on the right hand side.
    he is a really good dentist.
    Chinese i believe.

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