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    Biketour along Mekong-Hotel & others recommendations

    Hi e`body,
    I am planning a (push)bike trip from Udon Thani via Nong Khai, along the Mekong, Nakhon Phanom, Mukhdahan, Khemmarat, Khong Chiam to Ubon Ratchathani.
    Anybody did that already & has some recommendations?
    What I especially need to know is if there are hotels or guesthouses along the way outside the bigger cities.

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    I think you'll find young Scampy has just done this and in fact has posted a video of his trip (Scampys Tour de Flounce)...well worth the look and once you have 20 posts you'll be able to PM him for more info...

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    Cracking part of Thailand , the road is good and parts of it are bloody beautiful looking onto the Mekong.

    No need to worry about accommodation, if you get caught out you can always stay in the local Wat.

    Carry a guide book and have a good trip.

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