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Nong Khai is a popular stop off point for people traveling onto Laos across the Friendship Bridge, also it is used by many foreigners living in Thailand for visa runs.

The telephone area code for Nong Khai is 042.

Laos Visa Run Page
If your traveling to Vientiane then Nong Khai is likely a place you will go to.

Beung Kan
About 130kms away from Nong Khai City is Beung Kan, the home of Wat Phu Tok.

A tour of Isaan including Nong Khai

A trip to Vientiane

Things to do and see in Nong Khai

A tour around Loei

Nong Khai to Vientiane visa run

A few days in Nong Khai

If you are in Nong Khai to do a visa run to Vientiane there is now a bus service (Khon Kaen to Vientiane bus route started) each day, this costs 180baht return, to learn more about doing a visa run to Laos and Vientiane click here.

Getting to Vientiane from Nong Khai.

Maps of Nong Khai can be found here.
Videos of Nong Khai Tourist Attractions.

Things to See and do in Nong Khai

Sculpture Park, also known as Sala Kaew Koo (Sala kaew ku - Nong Khai)
Sculpture Park contains statues of heights greater than 16 meters, it was initiated by a Laos National Luang Poo Boun Leua Sourirat, whe passed away in 1996 after spending nearly 20 years with other devotees constructing the different statues, after his death the statues went into decline untill the local Government decided to help in its renovation.
Historical Park
The Serpentís Fire
Wat Hai Sok (Wat Hai Sok - Nong Khai)
Wat Khaek A Day at Wat Khaek (Issan / Nong Khai / Wat Khaek - Sala Kaew Ku)
Wat Phu Tok
Wat Poo Chai (Nong Khai Wat Poo Chai)
Situated behind the Nong Khai bus station.

Wat Aranbanpot
Wet lands
Phu Pra Bat
Nong Khai Coach Station

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