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    Yasothon Bun Bāng Fai 2007

    Bun Bāng Fai or the rocket festival is around the middle of May in Isan, but i went to Yasothon for the main event. there are two rocket sizes, the largest is over 21 foot which includes the tail. inside the blue water pipe is 120kg's of nitrate. i think the festival lasts a few days.

    i looked on the internet before i arrived, and wiki stated there was a few accients, most quiet recently and some rockets fell back to earth after a short rise, and killed 10 people or so on the ground.

    As with any festival, there's Isan dancing

    Land of smiles? you wouldnt of thought so

    Its worked for him then

    i never knew Thailand celebrated the fetillity godess like Korea/japan does.


    this is the smallest ones

    And these are the monsters

    i got asked to go and get some beer and be happy. sure, why not. cheap anyway

    The next day, the main event. i thought i should get there real early and pick a spot and just watch everyone arrive

    after an hour or so, i went and had a closer inspection. Here he's loading the tube full of nitrate.

    Now they walk it to the launching pad where it takes a good 45 mins of awkward lifting to secure it in place before setting it off


    its a geat pity the shy is so over cast, as it would be great just to see how far it goes before crashing down to earth

    in the meantime, kids have fun.

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    Another great thread.

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