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    Kalasin declared diaster-hit zones

    Kalasin declared diaster-hit zones

    In the face of raging floods, Kalasin Governor Kavi Kittisathaporn declared 11 districts and one sub district "disaster-hit zones".

    At the time of his announcement, flooding had already damaged 112 main roads and eight bridges in the province.

    Officials are closely monitoring the situation and, when necessary, will immediately carry out evacuations.

    Kavi said his decision to declare 11 districts and Sam Chai subdistrict would allow the authorities to deliver assistance more conveniently.

    The flooding has been ravaging this northeastern province since Wednesday due to water pouring down from the Phu Pan mountain range.

    Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department yesterday warned local people in the North and Northeast to brace for heavy downpours and flooding.

    It said the lowpressure ridges hovering over the two regions would bring cloudbursts to many provinces, including Chiang Mai, Chiang Ria, Nan, Phrae, Sukhothai, Tak, Phitsanulok, Phetchabun, Loei and Kalasin.

    In Phitsanulok's Wang Thong district, some areas were already flooded.

    Weather forecasters also warned travellers to check on conditions before flying to Japan today, as Typhoon Fitow had caused havoc in the Tokyo area.

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    I have a BiL and SiL living up near there. The thought of them possibly being washed away in a flood, their bodies mangled and torn as the water tosses them like rag dolls against the rocks ...........

    Does anyone have any contacts up there who could possibly arrange things to look like a ghastly accident? I mean, these opportunities don't come up every day do they?
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    How much?? I am up for a short trip..

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