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    By the flippos and roaming

    100 Days to go for the SEA

    BRU Brunei (IOC designation: Brunei Darussalam)1988BRN-

    CAM Cambodia1956KHM-

    INA Indonesia1956IDNIHO 1952
    FIFA-code IDN

    LAO Laos (IOC designation: Lao People's Democratic Republic)1980LAO-

    MAS Malaysia1956MYS-

    MYA Myanmar1996MMRBIR 1948-1992

    PHI Philippines1924PHL-

    SIN Singapore1948SGP-

    THA Thailand1952THA-

    TLS Timor-Leste2004TLSIOA 2000

    VIE Vietnam (IOC designation: Viet Nam)1952VNMOriginally South Vietnam

    Those are the 11 nations participating in december 2007 in the SEA Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand...

    100 days away from today, august 27...
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    Ms. B is going to be working the games as a volunteer. I think her title is "guest liaison coordinator" or something like that. She's to be helping the competitors around. She was at an all-day meeting yesterday and has several to go.

    She claims we're going to get some free tickets out of the deal, so that's fine with me.

    I posted some pics of the facilities in this thread:

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