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Now, I'm going to get booed off stage for this comment but ...

'We decided to build a house in the village where she was born so we could retire there.'

Which, in reality would more honestly be written as ... We decided to build a house in the village where she was born so we she could retire there.

Common trap. Work in the west till the coin is amassed. Convince the husband to leave behind his heritage on the promise that life will be cheaper and easier in 'her village'.

Husband is polite and agrees, but within a month, is having second thoughts.
The relative visits happen more often and the lady who once gave him her undivided attention now turns a lot of that attention to her extended family and you get slowly forgotten.

You don't speak Thai, the Village life, while simple, is barren for a non-speaking native.

The dream turns into, over many months, maybe a year or two, into a nightmare.

At first you deny it, to proud to think it can't happen to me ... but, like a slowly sinking into the quicksand, the reality of your situation sinks in.

Doesn't happen to everyone ... but to some, maybe many.

Just a heads up.

As always ... IMHO.
Sometimes all too true Dave48. by then though its generally too late. I hope this is not the case for DapperDan but good food for thought.