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    Unhappy AussieBill of Surin, Pattaya and Tazmania has died

    RIP to a fine gentleman with a sense of humour.
    Sincere condolences to his wife Lek and to both his Australian and Thai families.

    ( I met him through Surin Farang though he may have been connected on other forums.)

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    Never met Aussiebill and didn't know him at all but as far as I'm aware he only ever posted on the Surin Farang .
    Going from what I have read not many members on SF attended his funeral. At least Thais always make time and travel long distances to pay respect to the dead

    This was posted by one member that did attend !!!

    There's nothing like belonging to a Community based Forum

    RIP Aussiebill
    Big Ol' Lucky Ol' Al.

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