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    in the sticks

    Christmas light soi in Khon Kaen

    Have you heard about it?
    where is it?
    your experience?

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    Theres a bloke called ross whos the full bottle on mongering in KK , Maybe xmas will be early for you?


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    Quote Reply Posted: 19 May 03 at 11:51I am into Karaoke and really liked the setup at both the Chaipat and PP hotels. "Christmas Street" referred to is a a short street with about 10 or so triple storey shopfront houses set up mainly for locals where the girls are "rented" by the hour. They usually have a juke box on the ground floor and rooms upstairs. The girls generally dont speak English but are very cute and friendly. Pricing was ### baht for an hour, ### Baht for "short time" and #### Baht if the girls went with you all night. There are no bar fines.
    The area opposite the Khon Kaen hotel consists one dreadful go go bar, and a series of indoor Karaoke places & odd bars that I can only conclude operate similar to Christmas Street.
    I am not that experienced with any other areas in the town but you will be extremely lucky to find a girl who speaks passable English so some knowledge of the language is a big help. If you are after wild nightlife, stick to Bangkok and Pattaya, but enjoy what Khon Kaen has to offer in other areas.

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