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    Poor attempt at abduction

    We had a little bit of excitement in the village today. Some idiot decided it would be a good idea to grab one of the local high school girls and cart her off into the bushes, it may have worked if there wasn't a group of boys 50 mtrs ahead of her and another group 50 mtrs behind. She was screaming blue murder and all the other kids came running up to where the idiot had parked his motorcy, as that escape route was blocked he legged it off into the scrub.
    The BiB eventually arrived and took control of the situation, no need to chase him , he'll be in tomorrow to report his bike stolen, apparenly he wasn't from the local villages as none of the kids recognised him, and I would recognize most of the people from the surrounding villages, not that I could put a name to them , but could place them to a village.

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    Odd these freaks don't just buy a school uniform for 100b, bring it to the local 200b karaoke brothel, and a 100b tip to the questionably aged Lao import to walk past her corrogated iron room with it on and then pull her in.

    That way the BiB tax has already been paid.

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    /\ Cheap Charlie I say.

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