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    Train to Northeast

    I'm considering taking the day train, number 75 diesel railcar, from Don Muang station to Udon Thani. I notice on the timetable that this is the only train going north that does not end in Nong Khai. However, trains going south seem to all leave from Nong Khai. Puzzling. Anyway, it indicates in the timetable that the railway provides a bus to continue on to Nong Khai. Is this in fact correct and does the bus depart from Udon Thani station? Is this bus gratis or does one have to pay additional?

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    If it's not free it won't cost more than 80bt

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    The train station in Udon is within walking distance from the smaller bus terminal near Central. This is not the main bus terminal (which is outside the city), but there should be some buses to Nong Khai there. Not sure if there are any local trains, from Udon to NK, not listed on the main schedule.

    I doubt the railway provides anything except the train trip.

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    I don't know why you can't go on to Nong Khai station. I've arrived at Nong Khai by train from Bangkok at least twice. One was the overninght train, but I'm sure one was the day train.

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