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    Ban Rai Temple Luang Phor Khoon hospitalised

    Luang Phor Khoon hospitalised

    Revered monk Luang Phor Khoon Parisuttho was hospitalised early Wednesday with a severe fever.

    The 84 year-old abbot of Dan Khun Thot district's Ban Rai Temple had a low blood sugar level indicating a bacterial infection. A thorough diagnosis is expected to take at least three days.

    His disciple Natthapol Paprasertsakulchai, 39, said the monk fell ill on Tuesday evening after presenting awards to elderly people at the district hall. Luang Phor Khoon was shaking with coldness despite having three blankets, so Natthapol alerted his doctor.

    At about 3am yesterday, Luang Phor Khoon was admitted to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital. Dr Winitjai Nakphan said the monk was given saline, antibiotics and glucose to prevent him from going into shock.

    Despite having diabetes and having had coronarybypass surgery, Luang Phor Khoon has continued to fulfil his monk's duties on a daily basis.

    Winitjai said his current illness differed from previous ones. "Luang Phor Khoon never had a low blood sugar level like this before, so this is worrying," he said.

    He said the monk would not be allowed to have visitors and would be under close medical attention until he recovered from the infection.

    The doctor said he could not say how the monk became infected by bacteria. The results of blood tests and other checks would give a clearer indication of his condition in about three days' time.

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    Best wishes to him.
    He is a monk who is loved by all the Thais, a do-gooder who among other things has financed many schools in the outskirts of Korat.

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    Email address

    Can any one give me the address of this Hospital with eMail address and Phone Number
    Thank you

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