And, as temping it might be to refer to your wife, it's potentially your Car's Air-Bag blowing up in your face.

This article is Australian based, but there are quite a few similar models.


Airbag recall: Millions of Australians ordered to have deadly defects removed from cars

More than 2 million Australian cars are set to be hit by the largest product recall in the country's history.

Key points:
  • Takata airbags' inflators have a defect that can cause them to explode
  • Compulsory recall list includes 875,000 that weren't on voluntary recall list last year, from new manufacturers including Ford, Holden and others
  • All defective Takata airbags need to be replaced by end of 2020

The airbags have been associated with 20 deaths globally, including one death in Australia last year.
The faulty Takata airbags' inflators contain a defect that can cause them to explode and propel shrapnel into drivers and passengers.

The shards have been known to puncture eyes, faces, necks and chests.

Cars on the compulsory recall list include various models that have already been subject to a voluntary recall — Toyota, Mazda, Honda, BMW,
Chrysler, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru and several others.


Takata airbag recall: Is your car on the list?

The list (in Australia) is here ...

Lot's of the cars Australians drive are manufactured in Thailand, so potentially the same car as you are driving.