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Thread: Dash cams?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
    All you need is a front facing camera. Someone runs up your arse then there's a good chance it's their fault anyway. Front facing cameras can be fitted in 10 minutes by yourself.
    Got hit from behind by a 15 year old unlicensed rider on a unlicensed motorbike, he refused to admit he was in the wrong and in the end after 6 hours in the cop shop because no one could leave until the person who was in the wrong was established and on the insurance agents advice i pleaded guilty just to get out of the place
    If i had a dash cam fitted at that time with a rear camera i would not have been in the wrong
    We are all rich farangs as far as the police are concerned so we or our insurance company shout pay all costs of any accident

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi View Post
    Yeah, you typically get 5% discount off the total amount, and you have to ask for it. Mention it when they send you the quote.

    You send photos of it installed.

    THat is absolutely correct but possibly some pay premiums high enough that a 5% discount comes to a few thousand baht.

    I was happy to get any discount. It was a gift to my way of thinking.

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