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    Quote Originally Posted by Happyman View Post
    Took me ages to climb those bloody steps last time I went there and had to make several "get your breath back" stops !!!!!

    Not really surprising 'cos I am an unfit fat old bugger who smokes !!!
    Don't know if it's still there and any good but the reggae bar was next to the reggae guest house.
    In 2006 I climbed the steps to the temple. Hard climb made worse by the sodding monkeys trying to pinch my can of coke.
    Two days later I was talking to an Irish lad in the reggae bar who had been up there that day.
    He was proud of himself because he had counted the steps and knew how many there were.
    He seemed pissed off when I told him they were numbered on the middle section.

    Be happy dudes. It's a lot more fun than crying.

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    Couple of comments re Batu Caves

    They were the scene of a massacre of 18 Malays by the Japanese who then used the caves as officers quarters.

    During the 'Emergency' before independence ( The fighting against the British was never referred to as a war as that would have caused all insurance policies for the rubber estates etc to be void ! ) the side caves - half way up on the left hand side of the steps at Batu were the main ammunition and supply depots for the ' insurgents '!

    These can be visited by prior arrangement and are like an underground 'condo'

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    Great pix - I feel better now having to go to KL next week. Visa run ...

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    Excellent great picture taking on the city of kuala lumpur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WujouMao View Post
    you got some great photo's there mate. i'm always too worried abot sticking my camera in people faces and offending them by taking their photo's, even if they are taking a kip.
    Yeah, me too.
    Especially in a muslim country.
    I recall travelling through Morocco at one time.
    Every time I pulled out my cam, although not directly pointed at people, they would still flap their hands and go: Non, non!
    Well, at least I got at half decent picture of a camel who didn`t object...

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    Bustak, as usual, your photos are top drawer!! Makes me want to book a flight for KL. Looks like your choice of camera was a good one. I always enjoy your pics.

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