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    Quote Originally Posted by Boon Mee
    Well, guess what? When me and the missus were down there in November it was raining the entire two days. pics but my general overall impression of Penang does not really live up to "The Pearl of the Orient" any more. Entire island from the airport to the hotel we stayed at out on the beach looked sorta rundown.
    Rain does that for the first part. Run down is a bit of the charm in my opinion. Run down but real and functioning. As opposed to what we have here. Just has always been kind of unique to me.

    I guess its really a personal decision on what you think of Penang. I walk for hours there and enjoy myself even in the heat. But I no longer find walking for hours pleasant here. Never mind the heat in either city. Perhaps its that myself and the family are tourists there, but locals here.

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    Ice cold bottled Guinness in the Soho pub on a hot afternoon, it tastes out of this world, brewed in Malaysia

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