I would appreciate some advice on the logistics of getting a quantity of new and used circa 1950's engine parts back to the UK. Estimated weight about 5 Tonnes

I now have sufficient for a LCL, but the problem I keep encountering is that the shipping agent requires invoices for the items I want to send to the UK, whilst I have some of the receipts for the new items I have bought, all the second hand items was bought from the ching gong, and farmers with no receipts.

Furthermore as some of the new items have been incorporated into the engines I want shipping back, and other smaller parts have already returned to the UK in my airline luggage, the quantities on the receipts for the new items no longer tally with the physical quantities.

Additionally I have a couple of toolboxes which I would want to return to the UK, these tools arrived in Thailand as part of aircraft luggage over a period of many years, and again I have no reciepts.

If anyone can suggest a customs broker who can deal with this on my behalf, and a freight forwarder who is familiar with sending LCL to the UK, I would be grateful.