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    Fishing Lakes in Lampang.

    So I had a Thai buddy ping me the other night and offered up a place to go fishing. I prepped up the gear. He said we are going to this watershed lake up in the backwoods. He got to my place at 7am and we loaded up my truck with poles, chairs, off road gear (Strap and snatch block). Wife decided to come along. She prepped up some food stuff and off we went.

    We drove about 20kms from our house and hung a right onto this dirt road and off we went. I video'd the trek so I can remember where in the hell this place was/is.

    Below is a video from the truck webcam as we trekked through the backwoods to the lake. I have the GPS coordinates as well. All I can say is the trek was out there some 6kms. As we drove I was wondering where are we going. I know for sure I will be back during rainey season to do some wheelin. It will be a mudfest plus there are roads off to the left and right everywhere. I am thinking of picking me up a 250XLr Dirtbike. Wife just smirked with that look like "WTF, another toy?"

    Finally got to the lake and drove around where we could. The water level is high so you cannot drive around the lake.

    Riding along the muddy swampy lake edge.

    I have to say this lake is very scenic and relaxing. We saw numerous big fish jump and wallop a big splash. We got our gear out and relaxed. My Thai friend did the Bread bait glob and cast out using 2 poles. I waded all over the shore line tossing plugs. Neither of us caught anything. As they say any day fishing is a GOOD day!

    While we sat and ate some grub I flew the drone for some aerial views of lake. This would be a perfect place for a float tube. You can camp here as well.

    The Drone pics of the lake show there is an access road around the lake but currently its underwater in many places. I wasn't able to go to far, the areas are swampy muddy and I did not bring a shovel in case I buried the truck. As we were leaving some Wheeler guys showed up with camping gear and some inner tubes. They unloaded and paddled across the lake to camp. I like that this place is remote which stops a lot of people from coming up. The road isn't car friendly and requires a truck and I guarantee in winter its 4wd with good off road gear or you will sink up to the axles.
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