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    The yellow house book.

    A falang having the yellow house book...does it give you a leg to stand on if she wants to boot your ass out. I really have no idea what that yellow house book means for me. I mean..for a friend of mine.

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    I have one. Why? Cuz a few years back the Thai government fcuked up and said farangs with 'Yellow Books' could get free medical treatment, same as a Thai. The book was very awkward to get. Different offices different requirements. Normal Thai thing. Anyways the 'free' medical cover was dropped and the 'Yellow book' became a waste of money. Now if you need 'proof of abode' you can get a 'Pink ID' card from your amphur, free of charge but you need a 'Yellow Book'. And around we go.

    Yellow book or not she can boot you out of the house if it is registered in her name.

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