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Thread: Chiang Mai plod

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    Plus you need to be unfortunate enough to be fookin' British!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Begbie View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by David48atTD View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by aging one View Post
    Can you get a Thai DL on tourist visa? No you have to have a residence.
    AO, maybe things have changed.

    I've never had or owned 'residence' and have first my 1 year license and now my 5 year ones (bike and car).

    I got the 1 year license about 4 years ago.
    You need a work permit or a "Residence Certificate" which is a letter from immigration or your embassy stating your reported address in Thailand.
    Yes, I do remember having to get some sort of letter from the Embassy.

    All BS, of course ... but they took my money and the letter produced and license granted.
    When I took the test, I got treated real sweet ... they don't see many white guys out my way.

    For one part of the test explanation they lined us up in 3 queues ... and the guy rabbited on in Thai for a few minutes.

    At the end, he looked at me and asked, in Thai, if I understood?
    I can't speak much Thai but I can say, tone perfect ... Sorry, I don't speak Thai.

    He grinned widely, others laughed ... they took care of me after that.
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    I loved the drivers test here. Cracked me the hell up. I especially loved the Green, Yellow and Red light deal with the foot peddle. Rreminded me of my drag racing days, I cut some phenomenal lights. The Thai DOLT lady was extremely impressed with my reaction time. Also that depth and peripheral perception device where you have to line up the pin in between the lines. Explains why some of the people here can't drive. No road test, no driving skill test. Funny stuff. I got both Vehicle and Motorcycle license at the same time.

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    Sorry (wrong country) but,... Saudi 2 years ago, 3 of us crackheads were hustled into a car and I got the driver's seat.
    Facing a small racetrack of sorts, I was planning to show off my superior driving skills when a Saudi slides into the navigator's chair with a disinterested look on his face.

    He pointed at the shifter eventuallly, so I pulled it down into drive with the brakes applied and awaited further instructions.

    He glanced in the backseat at my workmates, looked at the papers on his lap and pointed at park.

    I slid it back up and he quickly stamped us all "pass" and ushered us out of the car.

    Rewind to Riyadh (99') when I insisted the company van driver take the week-long class and test as he'd confided to me that he didn't even have a DL in Sri Lanka.

    He did alright in the classes but come test day he hit another vehicle that was trying to parallel park. "Passed"

    When I questioned the final authority figure about this he said, "Not bad accident."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dillinger View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi
    Know 2 guys that have gotten their first 1 yr license in the last year, one on a Tourist Visa, one on a Visa Exempt 30 day stamp. One in Chatujak DoLT and one in Nonthaburi DoLT.
    I think your mates have been had-

    All 1st licences are valid for 2 years now, since of March 2015

    Odd that, luckily in rural Slyam with a quart of johnny Talker Black mine is valid for 11 years and my wifes is indefinite , I never ask the logic the bottle was about 11oo bahts in Burma so 100 a year or one US cent a day to be legal and never deal with the brass again.

    My driving licence was 250 with a test or 350 without Rd Transport office K phet, the ficer cost a Cahng as I recall all very smooth sat in air con watching snooker with the Officers and 20 mins later all done, valid in Oz and with IDP in many other places, they also threw in a bioke licence for free, and a few free translations the province at the time was utterly Slyam and sleazeworthy, I'll leave Ajarn Wivnal to explain the Balcony of Love and the Hotel where the Professors parked their nongs in the eara of the flexible sandwich degrees
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