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    Quote Originally Posted by AntRobertson View Post
    I sometimes regret selling my bike and think about buying another one.

    Always comes back to the same point though: it's just too fucking dangerous to ride here.
    Totally. I would love to ride again, even if it was only occasionally by renting a big bike for a few days, but we all see how these fucking imbeciles behave on the roads and you just know you'd be maimed or dead in no time at all

    I recall watching an interview once with Mick Doohan (5 time Moto GP world champion for those who live under rocks) and they asked him what sort of bike he rode at home, which was Monaco at that time. He replied something along the lines of "Oh I don't ride on roads very much, on the track we're all pros but who knows how much skill or experience other road users have that surround you in public". And he was talking about Monaco, not fucking Thailand!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Headworx
    who knows how much skill or experience other road users have that surround you in public

    I always found it was mostly bellends on their Honda Dreams and whatnot that were the issue.

    Car drivers for the most part stayed clear but those fuckwits would pull right out in front of you probably assuming you could stop or maneuver as quickly as them.

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