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    Reliable re shipping companies from US

    There seem to be lots of companies offering to accept your on line shopping parcels and consolidate them and re send them to you in Asia, but out of the 30 or more companies that I checked on google, all had consumer delivery, hidden costs, no customer support etc.
    Any recommendations for a reliable service???

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    Can not read your color font.

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    How about a search ?

    Some other fellow was asking the same about 5 minutes ago.

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    On a related subject i will ship furniture items etc to Thailand in the near future, ( 368 cubic feet ) with a classification of returning Thai citizen. My wife will be present at Bangkok to deal with customs etc. For practical and sensible reasons i wont be there at the port. Would appreciate any info re pitfalls etc of dealing with "honest " customs ......for example i noted somewhere that duty will apply to a 2nd and subsequent TV ? if container is selected for inspection. Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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