In an effort to be less lazy and make more constructive use of my time (also making my experience in Thailand more enriching and rewarding, I hope...), I've decided to stop being such a jackass and really study Thai. Over the past few years I've taught myself a bit of Thai (reading/writing/speaking) with books, audio programs, and Rosetta Stone. My main problem is I usually get bored, despite progress made, and end up shirking my studies. I enjoy speaking with Thai people (friends, co-workers, girlfriend, etc.) and would really like to improve my communication with them.

Being in a place that has so many farang has some advantages, I suppose. There are a few language schools around. I talked to a tutor at the Phuket Language School on Soi Taling Chan, Phuket Town. She seemed nice. It would be one-on-one tutoring to the tune of 4500฿ for 25 hours, I think. Comes out to about 180 baht an hour. The price seems okay to me, and it's very close to my home. I'm working about 9 hours a day so I don't have the time or inclination to drive all over hell's half-acre looking for slightly cheaper tuition.

Does anybody have any experience with this school, or any other schools in Phuket? And does anybody have any experience with hiring a private tutor (outside of a school) to teach Thai during the day? I think I can get away with having a Thai lesson at work. Wouldn't be bad to double up.