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    Quote Originally Posted by Immigrunt View Post
    Feel free to correct rather than that useless contribution.
    You managed to figure it out.

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    Your point? Other than looking for typos.

    Quote Originally Posted by fishlocker View Post
    Shit, was there for a spell a few months ago and forgot all about the treatment and the 100 bucks. They did treat me well in that I was toured around Vientiane at no cost. In a roundabout way I did buy beers and picked up a portable wifi for little Pinkie ( niece ) so she could "play" with the tablet we gave her for X-mass. I guess I didn't feel extorted and had a great time overall so yea, water under the bridge.

    I did a thread on the trip and had a good time touring Laos. We plan to go back, we still have things on the bucket list there. I missed Konglor cave amongst other attractions.

    I don't sweat the small stuff, wouldn't wish malaria on anyone. I was kidding about eating bats though I did have ant and ant egg soup with fisheyes as an added bonus a few years ago.

    Piece out............................................... ......the fish.
    Great, I'll look the thread up. I've had malaria but not in Laos. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishlocker View Post
    Without going into great detail does anyone know the true cost of malaria treatment in Vientiane Laos.
    Reason being yea you guessed it, I'm being pressed again for cost of said "treatment ". Reasurch from WHO states 240usd to 290usd. This data from the Myanmar /Thailand border a year or two ago. I'm being asked for less than half that number. Can this or should I say is this reasonable to assume that 100usd could "cure" malaria? And if so what's the process.

    I have been told the sick person went to the doctor and they confirmed the reason for the illness is malaria. I'll be telling the gf to have this person save the doctor bill for me to see it when I get there. Of course it will be San script to me so I have to "trust" and often I wonder about that . Not that 100 bucks will break the bank, I just value honesty.

    I told the gf I expect a dinner and a little hospitality out of it when I get there. And not just bats and rice........again....I hope. Ha ha.
    Sorry in advance Fish as lately I've become a bit flippant.
    I was wondering as it seems to have gone by the just a few questions.
    More important than how much the medicine costs would be who exactly had been diagnosed with malaria.
    Was it your beloved parent, your child, another beloved family member...exactly what was the person's relation to you ?

    Could you easily afford additional expenses ? How would your conscience have felt if you said no ?

    Caveat: I understand that most poor families rely on wealthier family members for assistance in times of need and sometimes just whenever they feel a need.
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    I haven't checked this thread in a long time but it was my girlfriends family member back in Laos.
    And of course I'm not going to say no if in fact someone is in dire straights. I'm not exactly skint but have been called "took" because sometimes I just say no when folks ask for money.

    I was feeling a bit generous over Christmas so I forgave the sisters of a debt they had for years In regards to a tractor I bought that the three of them share. It is a Kabota with attachments. I kinda knew it would be tough for them to pay me back but this way I could say no to more stuff as I could hold this over their heads. Not to cool of me so I just told them I forgave them of the debt last Christmass. It brought them to tears.

    The best deal was that on a handshake that I will have BILs head on a pole in front of the farmhouse so that everyone will know he didn't pay me back for a land deal if he does not. I asked what reassurance I would have if he reneged on the deal. For lack of any real collateral he offered up his head. They were his terms and I thought why not as long as I get to choose the pole. We do have a rather large bamboo plot out back so a long thick one would show well to passers-by.

    The land has since doubled in value and I found out he has a killer plot along the Mekong in his MILs home town. He offered me a plot if I so desire. Not yet I said but we have been kicking the Idea around.I'm a bit young to retire but mabey some day I'll have had enough. The real question is when is enough enough.

    I have an In and around Lao thread that I believe has a few pics of farmland. I did a thread called the true cost of farmland on the Mekong but the pics are long gone. Good info though by some noteworthy TD members.

    Peace out............the fish.

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