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    Fatima's was on the river front. That night I actually went to the Chok Dee Belgium restaurant further along from Fatimas. I had a fantastic steak in pepper sauce - although chips with mayonnaise was odd. The special that night was mussels which seemed very popular. Loads of bottles of beer on show, but I was content with Beer Lao.

    Here's a quick rundown of the places I visited:

    Via Via Pizza (opposite Riverside Hotel) - Very good 4 Seasons pizza and ok garlic pizza. Large.

    Lao Kitchen (opposite KP Hotel) - Excellent and very large portion of Duck Laab (house specialty) with sun-dried beef (very tough).

    Aphosia(???) It's the Indian restaurant on the corner of Rue Nakeokoummane and the river road. The tandoori chicken was excellent, fully marinated and the flavour all the way through, however I had the trots later.

    L'Estaminet Lane Xang Avenue - French style, nice garden setting, tasteless pizza.

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    Just spent three nights in Vientiane, or maybe it was four. Never made it to Fatima or any of the other sub-continental joints. Via-Via the first night, but I was too drunk to make a fair judgment about the food. Over-priced grilled beef with hot sauce and sticky price the next night at Bor Pen Nyang, then a late night bowl of pho for some reason. The next two nights I ate at Ray's Grille, which I recommend highly. Friendly chef-owner, sizable portions, and amusing conversation, especially of the subject of Thaksin comes up (beware).
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