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    Quote Originally Posted by biff View Post
    Hi had to go and catch up with someone in Vientiane yesterday..whilst waiting at Airport, no fewer than 20 Toyota Landcuisers V8 model..around $100.000 Aud +in Oz.dropped of and picked up people..
    Lots of Chinese tourists, with at least 6 Gantry cranes dotting the skyline..(construction)

    Seems that there is some serious money in Vientiane , with lots of projects going on.

    Quite relaxing, no one hassled me, not even Tuk Tuk drivers or Taxi's .
    Would seem like a good place to spend a few years enjoying the country, foods good.
    Been there a few times before, never really took much notice.
    Spoke to a few people, one who lives/ works in BKK, but flies up for regular meetings, asked him (40 to 50) age bracket, if he and his Oz wife could live in Laos, very quickly answered yes, but no work for him..

    Anybody else thought about living there?
    I would really like to say that you have a shared good experience woith us. I am glad after getting this and would like to enjoy this sort of any place in my free time for having a great tie there. I am so sure this would be something thrilling for me. What will you sya about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by beerlaodrinker View Post
    there's definately some serious money here, fuck knows how they get it,
    I'm guessing:

    People smuggling.

    Drug smuggling.

    International aid etc that goes straight to personal accounts.

    Massive corruption and nepotism at every level.

    In no particular order.




    I hear what you are saying but there are a few legit millionaires as well. The fact they control the entire country makes it easy. Somsai you build the road, Noi you supply the concrete, I will build the hotel and supply the electricity.

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