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    Next year sees a trip to the home of one of the earliest settlements in North America.

    The excursion will consist of a ten day trip to the Cherokee Nation, and a guided tour along the river which runs through it.

    Cost of the river trip is $960.00 p/p which includes all meals. If you like your history then this is for you - but book early, as places are expected to be extremely limited.

    There'll be plenty of sight seeing, wildlife photography, finishing off with a run through white water rapids.

    What makes the trip especially meaningful is that the river guide is a full-blooded Cherokee; born and raised in the area, and extremely knowledgeable of the territory and any obstacles which may be encountered on the journey.

    If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible and I will check with the guide for availability

    the guide`s name is Uwana Tuchum, and I`m sure she`ll hold everyone`s attention throughout the trip.

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    It was not uncomen for English men to marry a local squaw,the first recorded was in 1500 when an English pioneer married a local girl called Pochohontis and brought her home to England. She is buried in Gravesend and there is a statue of her erected in Gravesend .

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    The Felcher Memorial Home.
    Quote Originally Posted by wasabi
    there is a statue of her erected in Gravesend
    Is you saying Gravey Davey has a Pocohontis statue in his anus?

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    By '' A man called horse ''.

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