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Thread: Poetry lesson.

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    Poetry lesson.

    Teacher to the class...
    Boys and girls, today is poetry class.
    If anyone has a poem, please raise your hand.

    Scruffy little kid at the back of the classroom raises his hand.
    Please miss, please miss, me miss, me!

    Teacher ignores him and asks a little girl to recite her poem.

    My name is Mary O'grady.
    And when I grow up, I'd like to have a baby.

    Well done Mary.

    Anyone else?

    Scruffy kid raises his hand again.

    Ignoring him again, she asks a young boy to recite a poem.

    My name is Dan.
    When I grow up,
    I'd like to travel to China or Japan.

    Well done, Dan.

    Finally the scruffy kid gets his chance...

    My name is also Dan.
    Fook China or Japan.
    If Mary O'Grady wants a baby,
    I'm just the fookin' man!

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    Mary had a little lamb
    Her father shot it dead.
    Now it goes to school with her,
    between two chunks of bread.

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    Violets are Blue
    Please spare a Penny
    For a starving Poet

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