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    Australians love Dick

    Dick Smith Foods Australia Day Ad - UNCENSORED - YouTube!

    Dick Smith ad ruled too rude

    Last updated 17:44 23/01/2013

    Dick Smith is furious that a television advertisement he filmed for Australia Day, which is saturated with "Dick" jokes and innuendo, has been deemed too offensive to air during prime time television.

    The entrepreneur said he was considering taking legal action after his one-minute advertisement, which promotes Smith's range of Australian-made food products, was given a PG classification and was therefore unsuitable to screen during 6pm news bulletins on Australia Day.

    The tongue-in-cheek advertisement, created by Australian comedian Dan Ilic, opens with Smith declaring that Kekovich's use of jingoistic patriotism to sell his products was as "wrong as a dead dingo's donger".

    But, with Waltzing Matilda playing in the background, Smith then goes on to do exactly that, throwing in his fair share of "Dick" jokes along the way.

    An elderly woman wearing a cardigan says: "There's only one Dick I'll be eating on Australia Day," while a farmer ploughing his fields proclaims: "I love Dick".

    Smith also urges the audience to "chow down on my OzEnuts [peanut butter]" and "shake my OzEsauce [tomato sauce]."

    A group of asylum seekers are pictured coming ashore, as Smith presents them with some OzEmite and says: "The taste is a beauty, why else would thousands be trying to get here?"


    "I'm not into dick jokes. I'm an old bloke, I'm 68," Smith said.

    "But when I read it to all the workers here at Dick Smith Foods, and most of them are in their 20s and 30s, they just loved it. Oh, they rolled around the floor and they said, 'This is the best ad ever'."

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    Great fer Ocker Dick-heads, eh.

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    A bit ordinary to ban that.

    (probably give him more advertising than ever now)

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