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    Recruiting new members!! Come and join
    our choir ! Sign up now !


    Living in Jakarta, the need of having an activity to take us out from routine life is a kind of must.
    The formation of Jakarta International Community Choir ( )is in response to this need. JICC is the place for you to sing, laugh and enjoy. A new spirit will be find here, have a lot of fun with new friends. Finally, you can express yourself on stage, perform your singing ability.

    The singing activities will be once a week
    practice on Monday nights from 7.30 to 9.00 pm in Jln.Wijaya IX/21 Kebayoran Jakarta Selatan for 4 public performances in a year 2008
    such as
    the Spring
    (May ) ,
    Musical in August ,
    a Jazz Festival in November and
    Christmas Concerts.
    How Much
    As member of the JICC, monthly fee of Rp 150,000 is payable to share the expenses of training and miscellaneous expenses.

    How to sign up
    Pls Contact Tel: 021-7208213


    The Choir Director: Ivonne Atmojo ( ivonne@ivonneatmojo

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    Bloody hate choirs. Despite being musically inept (actual teacher comments on my school report) I had to be in the school choir for 2 years. Wasn't allowed to sing just had to lipsync the words. The choir master would probably be classed as a pedo nowadays, although back then he was simply eccentric.

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